With the inlays in position it’s time to install the frets.
As I’m having a bound fingerboard this is just a little less straightforward than fretting an unbound neck. After cutting each fret to length - plus a little overhang - they need to have about 4mm of tang (the barbed edge that fits into the fret slot) removed from the underside of the fret, so that they can overhang the binding. With all the frets prepared and the slots cleaned of any glue residue and dust, they are hammered home.
With the frets safely installed, I can snip off the ends, stone them level and add a little relief, about 0.1mm, to the bass side strings. Then I’ll crown them, dress the ends, and finally remove the stoning marks by ‘going through the grades’ with sandpaper and synthetic wire wool.
Part 21 - The Frets
Making An Acoustic Guitar - Page 31
...and then I get to have a little play..... And she sounds FANTASTIC!